Our company produces components of industrial sewing machine and obtained a patent because of developing the automatic bobbin changer, the automatic and the automatic skip catcher. Nowadays we sell them more than 30 countries around the world.We participated in Special Zone to Create Asia's No.1 Aerospace Industry Cluster in 2014 and started ordering the part production.
    This company pay a lot of attention to products made in Japan boast to the world which are No.1 and Only one in the world in the sewing industry.

    Auto Bobbin Changer which saves trouble of the bobbin exchange

    The automatic bobbin changer automatically changes the bobbin, by that eliminating bothersome bobbin work, and enhancing rationality,cost reduction and production efficiency.This changer is effective for thick thread stitching and for work requiring the lower thread to be replaced frequency.It is optimum for products in which the thread cannot be overlapped, for stitching. In addition to saving labor,this changer prevents stitching defects,and reduces the mental strain of the worker.


    • Thank you for JIAM 2016 OSAKA arrival

      I exhibited in the international apparel apparatus & textile Exhibition from 4/6 to 4/9. For coming over thank you.

    • JIAM 2016 OSAKA

      We exhibit in the JIAM 2016 OSAKA International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show. From Wednesday, April 6, 2016 to 9th Saturday four days INTEC'sOsaka Building No. 3

    • We introduced HV2-R in November 2015

      We introduced carbon dioxide two dimensions laser material processing machine HV2-R made in Mitsubishi electricity in November 27, 2015.

    • We introduced KEYENCE IM-6700 in November, 2015

      Introduced image sizer IM-6700 made by KEYENCE

    • I was placed in "the memory magazine of the 40th anniversary of invention award"

      We was placed in the Japan invention promotion meeting "memory magazine of the 40th anniversary of invention award".